Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do You Reeeeeally Want to Just Settle for “Good Enough”, When You Could Have “Perfect”......


........Well then, why just settle.....? 

I was on a  radio talk show out of Minnesota this morning and one of the hosts, Patty, told a story about a lady she knew that quit her job because she hated it, and then turned  down two other jobs, took the third offer, and is now in a job she loves.   Patty wanted to know what I thought about doing that.

I think that’s exactly what someone should do!

Because the woman in Patty’s story hated her job and quit it, obviously gave a lot of thought to what she was looking for the next one – the environment, management style, chemistry, etc, which was exactly what resulted in her turning down those two offers.  They weren’t what she was looking for.

In today’s market, that doesn’t happen often.  People are so desperate they want any job and will take any job.  I get a lot of people saying to me “Well, I knew I shouldn’t have taken it but .......*fill in the blank issue*.....”  Some people don’t even hear their instinct in order to ignore it – they just go blundering blindly into disaster.

But just like in Patty’s story, a funny thing happens when you push away what you don’t want – what you want shows up.  It’s happened to several of my clients, too!

There’s a little trick I know from recruiting that cuts through any doubt or confusion and makes the answer of yes or no quite clear in about 3 minutes.  So when I go through that with a client, they’re not very comfortable to come full on, face to face with the realization they won’t like it at that company.

One that comes to mind is Jane T who lives in CT and was a student in my Perfect Job University class.  Jane was an architectural consultant and  sort of a liaison between clients and contractors.  Prior to that she’d worked with an in-house design firm on salary.  What she wanted was sales for a building supply distributor or wholesaler.

Despite having no experience in sales, she was getting interest from a number of companies and one of them made her an offer.  Some things were good, some not so good.  I supported her decision to decline the offer.  She was unsure and nervous, but she trusted me.  And then about a week later, two offers came through, both exactly what she was looking for and now she had a difficult time deciding which one to take! 

You have to know what you want and be willing not to settle.  When you refuse to settle, your intention becomes that much clearer and paves the way for what you want to arrive.  Settling happens out of nervousness and desperation and usually does nothing more than perpetuate the existing circumstances – only now you’re miserable with a paycheck. 

If you’re looking for a new job, set your intention, know what you want it to look like, and keep going until it shows up.  That’s what it means to take control of your career.  That’s how you end up in your Perfect Job. 

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