Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6 Annoying Habits


Some of my own personal pet peeves.

  1. UNWILLINGNESS TO LEARN: Why?  With so many resources out there, why do some people not invest in themselves? Or seek out new information to expand their horizon?  Whatever it is you do for a living, did you know how to do that right out of the box? Of course not.  What about stuff around the house? Wiring? Cooking? Gardening? Playing guitar?  You read. You learned. You paid for lessons.  Why are you not doing that with your job search?

  2. RUDE HIRING AUTHORITIES:  If you were referred to someone in a company, especially if that person actively and verbally referred you, and then you follow up, they should get back with you.  Even if it’s to say thank you, we’re not hiring.  Or thank you, please submit your resume on line.  Even if they have their admin get back with you.  To stay silent is rude and unprofessional.

  3. IRRESPONSIBLE RECRUITERS:  Who lie.  Who send your resume out without your permission.  And by the way, not doing that should go without saying, but it’s good to say it anyways: “Please make sure you contact me prior to submitting my resume.” Recruiters who submit you with your knowledge, then never return your call.  Probably because the company dumped them.

  4. PROCRASTINATION: I don’t care if it’s fear of change, you hate to do your resume, you’re afraid of the unknown.  You’re the only one who has the power to change your life.  It’s a choice.  Your choice.  You can: A) go forward into the unknown, learn, fall on your face, learn, get better, continue to learn, grow, and change your circumstances.  B) complain while things get worse (because they never stay the same – you’re either moving forward or moving backward). C) choose to not do anything now and know why you’re choosing that (rather than complain) or  D) drive your car off a bridge.  Pick one.

  5. WHEN I FORGET TO ATTACH THINGS:  It’s an extra few minutes, more clicks, and extra email in your box.  Everyone does it occasionally.  I do it a lot.  Although knowing I do it, I like to think I’m getting better at not doing it.  I hope anyway.  When I have too much going on, I tend to move too fast and drop details

  6. CAPITALIZING THINGS THAT SHOULDN’T BE:  I see it in resumes.  I see it in ads.  What is with this trend?  It drives me nuts.  This was the norm in the 1700s, but it’s 300 years later.  So why are people still capitalizing things that aren’t proper nouns? (Real examples). Responsible for Project Management, Business Operations, and Organizational Change  (if those are actual departments, they get capped, but my guess is they are activities, and thus they do not get capped).

    1. Institute a Common Framework (The Common Framework as a title, but a common framework as a general description)

    2. Responsible for the Automotive, Transportation, and Hospitality industries (again, general descriptions do not get capped)

    3. Driven by the On boarding Process (I can’t begin to even understand this one)

    4. Building relationships with Transformation Team Leadership, Business and Operations leads and counterparts, and Vendors (how do you build a relationship with leadership?  Leaders, yes, but leadership? and by what stretch of the imagination does vendors get a capital V?)

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