Friday, October 21, 2011

Being Pursued by Ruthless Collection Agencies? Stressed Out and Afraid to Pick Up the Phone?


Last week I did a credit and collections teleseminar with Gerri Detweiler,'s expert.  It was a huge hit! Here are a few of the feedback

comments that came in:

  • It was a load of valuable information!

  • A very informative discussion with a leading expert on credit who gives excellent

    advise [sic] and tips on credit problems and offers solutions.

  • This is a mere hour of your day, sit back and listen to insightful information

  • Wow!  Such a big help!  I got the books and told a friend about them too.

Gerri has 20 years of knowledge, has done over 3,000 interviews and testified

before Congress, and now will be doing a regular spot on the same show out of

New Mexico that I'm on every Thursday morning.


So I decided to make both of her offers available to everyone! 


OFFER #1:  Available only to 4 people -- What are you waiting for?


1 hour counseling call to review credit report or similar issues and 30 days of email question support - $125.  Are you kidding?  I charge $100 for a consult and $150 for a month of emails.  

Check out a couple of other coaches - average 1 hour consult price is $150.  These days you can't go to a psychotherapist for $125.  There are a few spots left - if you were on the call, you have credit problems. 

Grab one of these last spots.  The value of the offer - the offer period - stuns me.  This is easily worth $200 - $300.  Email Gerri:




*NOTE:  Do not take advantage of this if you're in serious shape such as bankruptcy - get the books instead.  This for someone who merely is having some credit with their report or collection agencies. Severe problems such as bankruptcy can't be sufficiently addressed within the scope of this offer




OFFER #2: Buy 1 get the 2nd book free! 

#1 book:  Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights


Designed to help you put an end to your bill collection problems. Record numbers of people

are falling behind on their bills. If you’re one of them, you know that juggling your bills and

expenses can be stressful enough. But when collectors are harassing and threatening you,

your stress level can become more than you can handle.  Stop hiding from debt collectors

and handle them head on with new knowledge of your rights!   Includes:

  • free debt collection worksheet to keep track of every conversation you have with a debt collector.

    This information can prove invaluable if the collector breaks debt collection laws.

  • resources such as the Collection Complaint Hotline for help dealing with a debt collector.


#2 book:  Reduce Debt, Reduce Stress: Real life solutions for solving your credit crisis:

Starting with a simple effective "Debt Triage" chart, you'll learn which options for

conquering debt can work for you, including debt consolidation, credit counseling,

debt settlement, and more.


You'll then find ways to get healthier financially. The book is filled with real-life stories

that are also designed to help bring the concepts in the book to life and encourage you

along the way.  Reduce Debt, Reduce Stress give you clear, step-by-step advice for

navigating tough times, helping you sleep at night by giving you the knowledge

to manage your debt.

The books are only $14.95 for both of them together.  But this page is

going to go down soon. Get them today, because when the page is gone - and that might be t

his weekend - it's gone!.  

     Learn what to do and ease your problems before they get worse!

                Go here now: 

   Handle those creditors and do happy dances instead of worrying!!!!

 Happy dances all around!  


Judi Perkins


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